Sunday, October 19, 2008

World Fencing Champion 2008

Reading the title you might think we have a vested interest in swordfighting - but you would be wrong. We are talking here about the new world champion in electric fencing. This is no joke. Electric fencing is a serious subject and it has to be done properly and the fact that this world championship takes place attracting competitors from around the world is testimony to that.

So it was that in September this year, the biennial event took place in Germany. The oldest competitor, Nick Liefting (53), travelled all the way from his native New Zealand to compete and to everyone's surprise he managed to beat a world-class field.

How did he do it?
By building 100 metres of electric fencing plus a gate in just over 2 hours!

New Zealand is recognised as being the dominant country when it comes to fencing because of the agricultural bias the country has and electric fencing used to control and protect livestock plays a major role in the country's economy. Nick Liefting is MD of his own fencing company and claims to have been building fences for as long as he can remember. Perhaps it's not so surprising then that he should win the title! Having said that, Nick is the first New Zealander in 6 years to become world electric fencing champion. (Van Beers was the last to win in 2002)

As a company we specialise in providing industrial electric fencing for perimeter security of buildings, airports, banks, military bases etc - not in supplying the agricultural sector. However, we always relish hearing new stories where electric fencing is concerned and felt it only right to share this super little story with our readers.

Well done Nick - we will be watching out for how you fare when you defend your title in 2010.

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