Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Camel Mounted Security In Egypt

The posts published to date from “Andy’s Security Travelogue” have focused on his experiences whilst in the Middle East and, in particular, Iran. So we thought we would move on to another country for this post … Egypt.

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd is privileged to have supplied the perimeter security system for the Great Pyramids of Giza, protecting a perimeter of no less than 13.2 kilometres. You can read more about this installation on our Pyramids of Egypt post.

As Technical Director, Andy often has to attend on site prior to and during any key installation project.

Whilst on a site visit to the Great Pyramids, he was able to take some stunning photographs which he brought back to show us here at our Head Office in Stirling, Scotland. The world-famous William Wallace Monument which we are proud to have on our doorstep (and for which we have provided perimeter security!) is a stunning piece of architecture BUT it pales into the shadows when compared to the Great Pyramids. Sorry Sir William but there's little on earth that can compare!

One of the most popular photos Andy took during his trip to Giza was this one of the camel police on patrol. Think of it ... a policeman on a camel. What a wonderfully, simple yet effective way to compliment our high-tech security system!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Andy's Security Travelogue: A Paradise Garden

In our last ‘Travelogue’ post we displayed some photographs of the Citadel in Shiraz. Today we would like to go a step further and show you one of the most beautiful gardens in the Middle East – Eram Garden (Bagh-é Eram) or Garden of Paradise as it is also known.

Built during the Qajar dynasty, Eram Garden is one of the most famous and historic Persian gardens. It even has a stunning palace within it!

Owned today by Shiraz University it is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Shiraz.

When Andy showed us these photographs we were not only surprised but intrigued and decided to look up what makes a typical “Persian Garden”.

However, it’s not that simple! As Wikipedia’s page explains, there are 6 primary styles and a variety of key elements that can be combined to make such a garden.

Elements most commonly brought together by architects are:

* effects of sunlight

* integration of special shapes and textures to harness the light

* need for shade - use of trees, walls, trellises and pavilions

*use of water and water features

To read more about these key elements go to the Wiki page on Persian Gardens.


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Andy's Security Travelogue: A Medieval Fortress

Following on from previous posts inspired by Andy’s far flung business travels, we are delighted to share with you today some fascinating photographs he took whilst on business in Shiraz.

The Citadel of KarimKham (ارگ کريمخاني) – also known as The Arg Of Karim or KarimKhan Fortress - is a magnificent piece of Iranian 18th century architecture in the North East part of Shiraz and it makes an unforgettable impact on everyone who sees it.

It was built in the style of a medieval fortress and has 4 towers, one on each corner.

Andy was particularly struck by the intricate brick patterns on the towers as the photograph shows.

Originally built during the Zand dynasty, the Citadel is named after Karim Khan who was ruler of the country from 1760 to 1779.

Regarded by many as one of the most just and compassionate rulers in Iranian history, he used the Citadel as his home.

During its lifetime, however, the Citadel has had other uses - sometimes it was used as a prison and today it is a museum.

Interesting coincidence that our company has provided perimeter security for prisons as well as security systems for museums!

Inside the Citadel Andy took this photograph of a beautiful water feature.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Andy's Security Travelogue - The Persian Carpet Shop

"Walking In Alexander's Footsteps" described a fascinating trip to Persepolis in Iran when our Technical Director Andy Moon was in the country on business. Perimeter security takes our company's key 'boffin' to many places! The history and atmosphere of the place left its mark and Andy's keen eye for photography helped to convey that to the rest of us when he returned. The photograph of Persepolis in the afore-mentioned post is one of many that he took and today we are going to share some more with you.

The culture and scenery in Iran is something special and this first photograph is of what we would most readily refer to as a "Persian carpet shop" in Tehran. Look closely and you will see a host of beautifully handmade items, not just carpets .... jackets, other clothing, table linen and bags.

The photograph evokes a timeless atmosphere and according to Andy it was difficult to resist buying lots of what was on show!

Whilst he was there, Andy learned that the shop owner had originally lived in Tabriz in Northern Iran - deemed as the 'home' of Persian carpet making. Years before, he had decided to travel the long distance down to Tehran to try and sell just one carpet. He sold it, returned to Tabriz for 2 more carpets, returned to Tehran, sold those and so it went on - until he realised that having his own shop in Tehran would be the best way to run his business!

The second photograph in this post is of the mausoleum of the celebrated Iranian poet Saadi, born in Shiraz and whose life straddled the 12th and 13th centuries.

Andy took the photograph at sunset hence the lighting and said it was one of the most beautiful buildings in Shiraz. A timely coincidence is that only a few months ago in March 2009, US President Barack Obama quoted an extract from one of Saadi's writings as part of a New year greeting to the people of Iran. The President said:

"There are those who insist that we be defined by our differences ... but let us remember the words that were written by the poet Saadi, so many years ago: 'The children of Adam are limbs to each other, having been created of one essence' ...."

Powerful and emotive words written centuries ago by a clearly great writer.

We all love to see these pictures whenever Andy returns from a trip because providing perimeter security systems is a serious business involving close liaison with people in positions of responsibility and we feel it helps if we can understand more of their background and culture. We knew little of Iranian culture before Andy started his 'travelogue' and thanks to our Perimeter Security Blog we have a great catalyst for him to continue!

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