Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scrap Metal Theft – Security Solutions

In recent years the value of all kinds of metals has risen, sometimes dramatically and, not surprisingly, many countries have seen a significant increase in metal theft as a result. So what security solutions exist? Well, let’s take 2 examples of metal theft – scrap metal yards and churches.

Scrap metal yards – this is the predominant target of many metal thieves. The best solution is effective perimeter security utilising a combination of an intruder deterrent as well as intruder detection system. This is where electric fencing comes in and our Electro-Fence™ is the ideal tool. It is literally protecting scrap metal yards as we write this post!

In fact we just read about an interesting new development which would work well as a compliment to our system. Developed by The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, it is a website which allows police to report a theft of metal in their local area (within the USA or Canada) and then sends out an alert to all scrap metal recycling sites within a 250 mile radius of that particular theft. This empowers the local scrap metal dealers to be aware of anyone trying to sell the stolen metal. Here is the website: scraptheftalert.com

2. Churches – whilst they have been a target for theft over many centuries, it is the lead on their roofs which has attracted increasing numbers of metal thieves in recent years. Valued in thousands rather than hundreds, lead is a tempting target and figures for the UK issued by Ecclesiastical Insurance (the biggest insurer of the UK's churches) are a frightening reflection of this - just 80 claims valued at £300,000 in 2005 compared to 2,000 claims valued at £6,000,000 plus in 2007. A 20-fold increase in 2 years!

We decided to check out Google News for reports of recent church theft in the UK and there were numerous reports including this very disturbing one about Cottingham church near Hull which has just suffered its fifth attack for lead in the past 15 months.

So what is the solution? Well, we certainly have an option … our Flexiguard™ security system. A Flexiguard cable is installed along the church roof and laid under the lead; any attempt to remove the lead triggers an alarm signal. In addition, with many churches having distinctive architecture, this type of security does not spoil the aesthetics of the building and is far better than opting to install cheap materials as a roof covering.

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