Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Camel Mounted Security In Egypt

The posts published to date from “Andy’s Security Travelogue” have focused on his experiences whilst in the Middle East and, in particular, Iran. So we thought we would move on to another country for this post … Egypt.

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd is privileged to have supplied the perimeter security system for the Great Pyramids of Giza, protecting a perimeter of no less than 13.2 kilometres. You can read more about this installation on our Pyramids of Egypt post.

As Technical Director, Andy often has to attend on site prior to and during any key installation project.

Whilst on a site visit to the Great Pyramids, he was able to take some stunning photographs which he brought back to show us here at our Head Office in Stirling, Scotland. The world-famous William Wallace Monument which we are proud to have on our doorstep (and for which we have provided perimeter security!) is a stunning piece of architecture BUT it pales into the shadows when compared to the Great Pyramids. Sorry Sir William but there's little on earth that can compare!

One of the most popular photos Andy took during his trip to Giza was this one of the camel police on patrol. Think of it ... a policeman on a camel. What a wonderfully, simple yet effective way to compliment our high-tech security system!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pyramids Of Egypt Perimeter Security

Being asked to help protect and secure something nearly 5,000 years old is not an everyday occurrence for a perimeter security manufacturer - but that's exactly what happened to us in 2003.

On the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt stand The Pyramids of Giza, the focal point of which is the gigantic Pyramid of Khufu. This, until 1888, was the highest known structure on the entire planet. Here's a satellite view for anyone interested in taking a closer look. View the WikiMapia image

We were approached because, at that time, the Pyramids were suffering from continual damage due to over-zealous souvenir hunters and it was not going to be long before the damage might be irreparable. The problem was to come up with an effective, high security system which would not interfere with or spoil the look of the site as a whole and with a perimeter of over 13 kilometres we knew this would be a challenge. To read the full story of how we provided the solution please go to our Pyramids perimeter security case study. As a result of the success of this installation our company has been privileged to be invited to supply perimeter security solutions in various parts of the Middle East.

Photo taken by APS Technical Director Andy Moon whilst on site.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Racing Legend's CCTV Security

As a manufacturer of British Government approved, high security systems, we usually find our products going to protect key industrial, economical, historical and military sites around the world. Anything from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to Lloyds of London. So to be able to say that we provided security for the legendary racehorse Red Rum may sound a little 'off the wall' but it's perfectly true!

Some years ago, Red Rum's owner, Ginger McCain had a used car business in Southport; he also lived on the premises and had stables at the rear. Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd's Technical Director Andy Moon used to work opposite the premises and would watch Ginger's team take Red Rum out every morning for exercise on the local Southport beach. Ginger wanted to be able to keep a close eye on the yard from within the house, and in particular on Red Rum himself, so he asked us to install some CCTV cameras. Some were installed in the yard and one was installed in Red Rum's own stable. The cameras were wired back to a control unit and monitor back in Ginger's kitchen. He was delighted with what we did and, for our part, we're more than proud to have been able to help and deliver greater peace of mind for the safety of what has become one of the best loved British racing legends of all time.

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