Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Police Security Of A Different Kind

The police are often called in to provide security - and for a wide variety of situations. For instance, there might be a heavy, extra wide goods load moving along a motorway that requires a police escort such as we saw the other day when driving down from Stirling to Cumbria. At the other extreme, there might be a celebrity in attendance for a special occasion such as when the Queen visits Royal Ascot each year and so a strong police presence is required.

However, there are times when the police actually need someone else to provide security - for their police compounds. You might not think this an important type of security, but you would be wrong. The compounds where police vehicles are parked up and maintained have to be protected against vandalism and theft, otherwise there would be the risk of too few police cars being available to go out in emergencies to tackle crime.

Then there are the police compounds where impounded vehicles are kept. These are vehicles that have been involved in a crime or perhaps a road accident. Many of these vehicles have to undergo forensic tests as part of the criminal investigation procedure. So if they were stolen, valuable evidence would be lost and even if they were not stolen but just tampered with or vandalised, then the forensic scientists would not have 'clean' evidence to work with. That in turn could prevent criminals being brought to justice.

So with vehicle theft and vandalism always a potential threat, it is crucial that these police compounds have effective perimeter security installed. Our Flexiguard ™ perimeter security system has to date proven itself extremely effective in this application and we are delighted to know that in our own small way we are playing a part in crime prevention. After all, when you need a police car in a hurry, you don't want to hear that it's not coming because it's been vandalised!

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