Friday, October 10, 2008

Outdoor Perimeter Security - Airport Perimeters

Most people use an airport at some point in their lives and for some people, passing through an airport is a a regular occurrence. In fact, it might suprise you to learn just how many airports there are now in the world.

According to our research, the USA has the most with just under 15,000 serviceable airports followed by Brazil (4,263), Mexico (1,834), Canada (1,343), Argentina (1,272) and Russia (1,260). The UK has 449 just behind China with 467. Undoubtedly as the economy in China grows so will the demand for internal and international air travel. It's estimated that China will have spent around $17 billion (US) between 2006 and 2011 in order to build 42 new airports in locations far and wide - from its border with Russia (NEast China) to the Tibetan plateau (SWest China). In addition to the new airports being constructed, it is believed that planners have been told to expand at least 73 existing airports. More on the development of air travel in China.

Of course, the one factor of paramount importance to all airport operators is security - for both passengers and planes. So the security systems employed at airports have to be amongst the most effective available.

Securing an airport breaks down into 2 distinctive categories - interior security and perimeter security.

Outdoor perimeter security is our speciality and our Electro-Fenceā„¢ electric fencing system is ideal for providing airport perimeter security.

In addition to protecting a variety of airport locations overseas, it is also employed here in the UK to provide radio station protection for some of the operations of NATS (National Air Traffic Services).

Not only planes use airports of course but also helicopters and our security systems have also been installed to protect and secure airport helipads.

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