Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Security For The Hydrogen Car?

As producers of perimeter security and intruder detection systems, we know there are many applications for our security products - as diverse as palace perimeters to military bases.

For many years we have provided security systems for manufacturers. Their needs have, logically, been consistent but we are now beginning to see an increased demand from this sector. This is for various reasons including soaring crime figures due to the current, worldwide economic downturn and also the fact that more sophisticated and valuable goods are being manufactured.

Take for instance, the car manufacturing industry. We were privileged to supply a large Flexiguard system offering perimeter security for cars produced at the Toyota plant in Burnaston (UK) - Toyota's main car factory in the whole of Europe - at the time the factory was actually built. Looking to the future, Toyota are reported to be busy working on a new generation of motor vehicle - the hydrogen car. Photo: hydrogen fuelling system

So far, Toyota have built a hydrogen version of their Highlander SUV and some experts are now saying we might see their hydrogen system come to market in a much more mangeable car in as little 4 years from now. Will Toyota be building new manufacturing plants to accommodate this? Possibly, who knows, but one thing is for sure, they will need effective perimeter security in place to protect their investment.

We found some interesting reading on hydrogen cars ...

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