Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Security Demand Increases

According to top sociologists, crime has risen every time there has been an economic downturn since the late 1950's - that is half a century. So it is no surprise to read headlines such as:

"Recession fuels burglary boom - raids up by nine per cent in six months"

According to a recent article by Daily Mail Crime Editor Stephen Wright, there has been a 9.2 per cent rise in burglaries in London between April and October of this year. It is no surprise therefore that implementing more effective home security is at the forefront of many people's minds. Certainly, here at APS perimeter security we have seen strong evidence of this with increased requests for new security systems from owners of large, private properties and grounds - not just in the UK but also overseas.

Here is another headline from earlier this year courtesy of - this time regarding the United States ...

"U.S. recession fuels crime rise, police chiefs say"

According to the article, "... criminologists, sociologists and police chiefs interviewed by Reuters ... predicted a rise in crimes as the United States sinks deeper into recession."

In the current, global economic recession we can therefore expect to see more theft with both private homes and industrial and commercial premises being targeted. Read our recent scrap metal yard security solutions post to see just one example of how we understand and solve such perimeter security requirements.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Camel Mounted Security In Egypt

The posts published to date from “Andy’s Security Travelogue” have focused on his experiences whilst in the Middle East and, in particular, Iran. So we thought we would move on to another country for this post … Egypt.

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd is privileged to have supplied the perimeter security system for the Great Pyramids of Giza, protecting a perimeter of no less than 13.2 kilometres. You can read more about this installation on our Pyramids of Egypt post.

As Technical Director, Andy often has to attend on site prior to and during any key installation project.

Whilst on a site visit to the Great Pyramids, he was able to take some stunning photographs which he brought back to show us here at our Head Office in Stirling, Scotland. The world-famous William Wallace Monument which we are proud to have on our doorstep (and for which we have provided perimeter security!) is a stunning piece of architecture BUT it pales into the shadows when compared to the Great Pyramids. Sorry Sir William but there's little on earth that can compare!

One of the most popular photos Andy took during his trip to Giza was this one of the camel police on patrol. Think of it ... a policeman on a camel. What a wonderfully, simple yet effective way to compliment our high-tech security system!

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