Thursday, May 28, 2009

007 Electric Fencing Flaw

It's true to say that movies reflect just about all aspects of everyday life but it would not perhaps seem obvious for electric fencing to be scripted in. However, the James Bond film 'Goldfinger' did just that.

Anyone familiar with this classic movie will know that the essence of the story is about Auric Goldfinger (the villain) wanting to break into Fort Knox to get access to the gold reserves held there. Whilst explaining his 'Operation Grand Slam' to a group of American gangsters, Goldfinger mentions that whilst his aerial display team spray nerve gas over the site, his men will blow up the perimeter fencing and cut through the door with the laser cutter.

However, when it comes to the actual scene where they execute the plan, they arrive at the supposed gates of Fort Knox and the shot of their arrival shows metal gates with fencing at the side ... but with not a hint of any electric fencing in sight! Chances are of course that most people will not notice this oversight - though someone within the film's continuity department should have - but here at Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd we know an electric fence when we seen one!

This is one of our photos that shows what electric fencing looks like in reality.

So if you are ever watching a movie in which electric fencing is mentioned, now you know what to look out for!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wildlife Security

Most perimeter security applications on a large scale - for example where several kilometres of perimeter fencing are required - provide security for buildings and ancient monuments. The Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt provide a good example where we were privileged to supply extensive perimeter security protection.

However, there are times when living things need a perimeter security solution such as animals in wildlife parks and zoos. In such instances the protection is for both the animals and for their visitors.

We were called in to help provide security for some very rare parrots at Edinburgh Zoo. Providing perimeter security for a parrot cage may not sound the most prestigious of security contracts but it was a challenge we were proud to rise to. Protecting the parrots against thieves had been a problem in the past but once our security system was installed, they were safe again.
Read our previous Parrot Perimeter Security blog post.

Wildlife Parks
Our Flexiguard™ system was installed on the perimeter fencing around a wildlife park in the North East of England. There had previously been problems with attempted animal and bird theft as well as general vandalism where animals were let loose. Again, once our perimeter security system was installed, the problems ceased.
Read more on our Wildlife Park Perimeters page.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Multiview - The Apex Of Perimeter Security Monitoring

At this year’s IFSEC Exhibition which takes place at the NEC Birmingham between May 11-14, we will be exhibiting on our new stand this year, (Stand G6 located in Hall 3A) and as usual we will be only too happy to demonstrate our security systems and welcome all enquiries about our perimeter security products.

IFSEC is the world’s single most important security trade fair attracting company representatives from many countries so it is the perfect place to launch new security equipment. We have done exactly this in previous years with products that have included our innovative perimeter management system Multisys™ Security.

Our Research and Development team headed by Technical Director Andy Moon, have been hard at work on yet another new piece of advanced security technology - Multiview™. This is what we will be launching at IFSEC 2009.

So what is Multiview™? Well, it works in conjunction with our Multisys™ Security, essentially providing the facility to remotely monitor the security of different site perimeters via LAN or WAN from one, single location, thus increasing security management efficiency whilst reducing manpower and management costs. In fact using the internet you can control multiple remote sites worldwide. Sounds exciting? You bet!

To find out more visit us at our IFSEC stand G6 in Hall 3A. We look forward to seeing you there.

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