Thursday, October 11, 2007

Racing Legend's CCTV Security

As a manufacturer of British Government approved, high security systems, we usually find our products going to protect key industrial, economical, historical and military sites around the world. Anything from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to Lloyds of London. So to be able to say that we provided security for the legendary racehorse Red Rum may sound a little 'off the wall' but it's perfectly true!

Some years ago, Red Rum's owner, Ginger McCain had a used car business in Southport; he also lived on the premises and had stables at the rear. Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd's Technical Director Andy Moon used to work opposite the premises and would watch Ginger's team take Red Rum out every morning for exercise on the local Southport beach. Ginger wanted to be able to keep a close eye on the yard from within the house, and in particular on Red Rum himself, so he asked us to install some CCTV cameras. Some were installed in the yard and one was installed in Red Rum's own stable. The cameras were wired back to a control unit and monitor back in Ginger's kitchen. He was delighted with what we did and, for our part, we're more than proud to have been able to help and deliver greater peace of mind for the safety of what has become one of the best loved British racing legends of all time.

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