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Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers - Intrusion Detection Sensors

Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers intrusion detectionWhen it comes to outdoor perimeter protection systems, one of the key factors is the quality of performance of the intrusion detection element.

Reliability and safety are paramount in this regard and our Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers were developed with exactly that in mind.

The technology uses microwave beams whereby a transmitter generates a microwave beam in order to create a protection zone. If a difference within that zone is detected by the receiver, the system kicks in with an immediate analysis and an alarm is triggered if the pre-determined criteria for an intrusion are met.

The range of features includes multi-level sensitivity adjustment, automatic range adjustment and high RFI and EMI immunity. Moreover, the microwave sensitivity is unaffected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy fog, rain and snow.

microwave perimeter intrusion detection layoutFlexiguard™ Microwave Barriers are used behind an outer fence, which may also have a Flexiguard™ or Electro-Fence™ system installed on it, as a second line of defence. Often used on very high security sites where there are two outer fences with a 'sterile' area between them. The MW200 is used in this area between the outer and inner fence.

It is also used in open spaces where there is no fence but you want to surround the area with a detection system. Often used instead of a buried detection sensor system as it is much easier to install and far less expensive but you can see the units and they can be up to 200m apart. (click image right to enlarge)

For more details see our

Fleixguard™ Microwave Barriers pdf download.