Solutions for Prison Perimeter Security

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd has supplied prison perimeter security systems in various countries.

prison perimeter security

The United States
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Our security systems operate on a number of prisons in Jordan. These use our Flexiguard™ Fence system in conjunction with Megasys™ (Multisys™ Security is the latest version of our management control system). Prison escapes had been a problem and ahead of the installations various personnel from the Jordanian Prison Service came to our Head Quarters in Scotland for specialised training on the system. They found this invaluable as they were able to install the system quickly and efficiently saving both time and money in the process.

We were approached to provide a perimeter security solution for a prison in the North of Malaysia. The site had an outer concrete wall and an inner prison mesh type fence. Our High Security Flexiguard™ Fence system was installed on the inner mesh type fence and linked into a CCTV system to trigger the cameras when an alarm was generated. Prior to the installation of this new security system, we made a site visit in order to train their engineers which they found extremely useful.

The first prison we supplied with perimeter security in Thailand was the world famous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ (correct name Bangkwang). Prison escapes had become something of a problem, hence we were called in to lend assistance. They use our Electro-Fence™ system on top of the perimeter wall which, since its installation, has already thwarted several prison escapes.

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