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Perimeter Security For Pyramids of Giza

Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited is privileged to have supplied security equipment for the protection of the ancient Pyramids in Giza. At the time we were approached, a security solution was being sought to protect the Pyramids from continual damage they were suffering at the hands of souvenir hunters. It was decided to divide the area into 60 zones and, using a combination of our Flexiguard Fence system and our MEGAsyssystem to cover some 13.2 kilometres of perimeter fencing, then connect each zone back to a central control whereby the operator could control the whole site from one control room, using video matrix linking for automatic camera switching. The security system we supplied has proved easy to install with very effective detection.

perimeter fencing around PyramidsSphinx

Photos (above) taken by APS Technical Director Andy Moon on site in Giza.

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