Prison & Correctional Facility Security

Perimeter Security For Prisons & Correctional Facilities

prison security systemPrison and correctional facility sites are an obvious application for quality, outdoor security fences and perimeter security systems and Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited has supplied perimeter alarm systems and also security products for installation in various prisons including Jordan, Thailand and Malaysia.

In the United States, our Electro-Fence™ controllers have been successfully installed at correctional facilities replacing previous systems supplied by other companies which had failed. Read our electric fence retrofit case study.

In Jordan, our Flexiguard™ Fence system and MEGAsys ™ have been installed in combination as a perimeter security system for several prisons.

In advance of the systems being installed, we had personnel from the Jordanian Prison Service come to us for training which they found invaluable as they were able to install the system quickly and efficiently, saving both time and money.

prison perimeter security in placeIn Malaysia our High Security Flexiguard™ Fence system was installed at a prison in the North – a site with an outer concrete wall and an inner prison mesh type fence.

The fence system was linked into a CCTV system to trigger the cameras when a perimeter alarm was generated. In order to train the local engineers, we made a site visit ourselves prior to the start of the installation.

In Thailand our Electro-Fence™ system is used on top of prison perimeter walls. The first prison we ever supplied there was the famous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ (correct name: Bangkwang). Our system has to date stopped several prisoners from escaping.

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