Military Bases

Military Base Perimeter Security Systems

military base exampleMilitary establishments consider security of primary importance and as military bases vary in type and size, their needs for outdoor perimeter security and intruder detection can vary greatly.

Governments around the world have increased security measures not only on their Economic Key Points (EKPs) such as petrochemical plants and major power stations, but also on around their military establishments. Our Electro-Fence™ and Flexiguard™ systems are in the British Government Catalogue of Security Equipment, having been tested and approved by the British Government for EKP site use and also tested by Special Forces.

This is a very specialised field of application and one in which we have considerable experience. We have manufactured and supplied perimeter security products for British MOD establishments in the UK, Germany and Singapore as well as RAF bases in the UK and overseas.

Electric Fence Protection

Following a successful installation many military sites subsequently decide to expand their perimeter protection and ask us to get involved in an additional electric fence installation. A good example is this UK electric fence installation which was carried out by an APS approved installer using Electro-Fence™, complimented by a custom-made fence anti-spread detector which we designed and manufactured at our facilities in Stirling.

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