Anti-Piracy Security

A Case For Electric Fencing

Anti PiracyPiracy at sea is not restricted to stories and legends now centuries old – it is very much a real-life problem in today’s world.

The first, traceable documents which refer to piracy at sea are believed to date back to the 13th century BC when it was a problem for people living in the Mediterranean areas. Read more about the history of piracy.

Returning to the modern world, the media abounds with stories of piracy at sea in different parts of the world and the problem is likely to continue.

So far it appears that no security system has been developed that is 100% effective in this context, coming up against well organised, well equipped and armed attackers.

However, ship owners and operators nevertheless have to implement whatever measures are available in an attempt to detect and deter piracy of their vessels and cargos.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd we came up with a possible anti-piracy security system after being asked by an international logistics operations company if we could help them detect and deter intruders from being able to board a ship on the high seas or indeed in a harbour.

We feel that the principles involved in our Electro-Fence ™ system could be used in an “Electro-Net” system to repel unauthorised persons from gaining access to the deck of a ship. The system would be similar to that of the 5-strand wire outrigger used on the top of perimeter fencing. The Electro-Net would be attached to the foot-well or rail of the deck at an angle of 45 degrees and extend outwards for approx 50cm which would make climbing aboard from below without touching the Electro-Net impossible – they would have to climb up, out and over without touching the Electro-Net. The Electro-Net would give a short, sharp shock similar to Electro-Fence ™ which has been proved to deter anyone from having a second attempt. Full monitoring facilities would be installed producing an alarm if the system were interfered with by shorting, cutting or reducing the voltage. Detection of intruders is also the same as our Electro-Fence ™ system. The Electro-Net could be rolled up and stowed until next required. Easy installation fixing for different ship decks would need further investigation and development but should not be a problem.

We have not installed the Electro-Net on any ship to date but see no technical reason for the system not to work effectively. Problems relating to a sea environment would need further R&D work but we believe these could be overcome.

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