• Perimeter Security

    If you are looking for quality perimeter security products and need an effective intruder deterrent or detection system, look no further. Our range of perimeter security products protects literally hundreds of sites around the world.

    As manufacturers and designers of our own security technology we are privileged to enjoy an international reputation.

    Electro-Fence™ has been installed at a wide range of high security sites including government buildings, military bases, correctional facilities, oil pipelines and power and petrochemical plants. Carrying Government approvals, Electro-Fence™ is the product of choice for many national and international companies and organizations.

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    Perimeter Security
  • Perimeter Detection

    An effective perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) plays a crucial part in the overall security management of a site, particularly high profile outdoor sites.

    Flexiguard™ is recognised internationally as the product of choice for many organizations looking for quality and reliable intruder detection.

    It has been installed at countless locations in many countries and amongst its most popular uses are banks, prisons, distribution centres and warehousing, museums and royal palaces. Even ancient monuments such as the Great Pyramids of Giza figure on the Flexiguard™ perimeter detection list!

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    Perimeter Detection
  • Microwave Sensors

    Microguard™ is microwave-based intrusion detection system which uses special microwave technology to create a protection zone within a perimeter.

    Lengthy and detailed research and testing by our in-house Research and Development team is the key to the success of Microguard™.

    From correctional facilties to military establishments, manufacturing facilities and more, the demand for our product has increased exponentially since its launch. Unaffected by adverse weather conditions, the sensors can act as a second line of defence behind our other leading security products Electro-Fence™ and Flexiguard™.

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    Microwave Sensors
  • Security Management

    An integrated security management system is often required to control the intruder deterrent and detection alarm devices. Multisys™ was developed for that exact purpose with years of research invested by our dedicated in-house Research & Development team. Installations to date include airports and government buildings.

    Security Management
Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited is a world leading designer and manufacturer of perimeter security systems. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the security industry we have provided effective and reliable state-of-the-art security systems, including perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) and intruder deterrent solutions for industrial and commercial applications globally over a period of more than 30 years.